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The Headkeepers Quarters


In 1887, construction began on the Point Sur Lightstation with the building of a hoist railway to haul supplies to the top. A coal-fueled donkey steam-engine powered the railcars from inside this building, at that time a modest,one-story stone building with a concrete floor and two rooms.

By 1900, the railway was abandoned and a road to the top was built. The Hoist House was turned into the Keeper’s Quarters with the addition of a second story and a reconfiguration of the downstairs. Head Keeper Ora Newhan moved into it in 1902. Since then several cosmetic changes have been made to the building, but always retaining its basic configuration.

Headkeepers Quarters 1950

Headkeepers Quarters after Restoration

.A washroom was added adjacent to the kitchen in 1907, the same year that a toilet was installed on the second floor. In 1938 when the Lighthouse Service was integrated Into the Coast Guard, a large picture window was added to the living room and tho washroom was enlarged.Shiplap siding replaced the half timbered upper story. A major retrofitting of the kitchen took place in 1950, with other plumbing upgrades made in 1956 and 1966. The final keeper left in 1972 and Point Sur was abandoned.

Kitchen Before Restoration

Kitchen After Restoration